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About Us

Earth Root Foundation

About Us

Earth Root foundation was born out of necessity. Over the years, the monster of environmental pollution started engulfing cities after cities, countries after countries. The government, the policy makers, the think tanks and the activists kept trying and assuring, but try did not seem enough and the monster kept growing in size and threat. That was the time we felt that no government, no institution and no handful of  scientists can tackle the problem. The need was felt that it is the responsibility of every citizen on the planet to act on his own and contribute his one bit to defeat this monster! But the bigger question was, how will he do it? We, some of the like minded persons cutting across the strata of age, sex, education, roots, backgrounds, brainstormed on this burning issue and concluded that the common man does not know, how will he do it? And thus was born Earth Root Foundation with a determination to let every human being know, how and what can he do to save the mother earth from the clutches of pollution?

We ran through the arguments that we had and critical analysis of what we saw and set our vision at empowering every human with knowledge about the pollution and how can they contribute to mitigating it in his own microenvironment and collectively with fellow humans towards local solutions with global implications.

We have chalked out the task at hand that we urgently need to perform. Creating awareness about the problem of environmental pollution in totality that includes air, water and soil is our first priority. So we decided to host events like seminars, debates, field activities, art competitions, quizzes to engage all strata of the community and will continue to do so till we reach the last man standing. We also are taking up activities to engage home makers, senior citizens and people in marginalized communities by reaching out to them and not waiting for them to come to us. We are covering the complete spectrum of stakeholders. Scientists, technologists, engineers, architects, doctors, policy makers, opinion makers, activists on one hand and the farmers, home makers, grass root workers, marginalized communities on the other hand and through activities are developing linkages among them and building bridges of knowledge and inculcating sense of collective responsibilities and contributions to fight the monster of pollution. We will utilize all modalities and all resources at our hands, be it writing books, creating comics, enacting nukkad nataks and demonstrating ways to tackle pollution.

We will not rest, we will not stop till we see our vision materialised, mission realized and objectives achieved.


We envision that the planet can be restored to its pollution free, dignified, livable entity where all living beings co-habit for their mutual survival and growth.


Our mission is to make every citizen aware of the problem of pollution so that he feels the responsibility of contributing his bit to tackle it.


Our goal is to use every available resource to reach each citizen in the country to fulfil the mission and achieve the vision.


To utilize the human capital of this rich country in every possible way to fight pollution at local and global level. 

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