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What lies beneath the Surface?
Itika Khera
Content Writer, Earth Root Foundation
(Published on: 18 June, 2020 @08 PM)

We all seem pretty busy, living our lives on the surface but did any of us ever wonder that what lies beneath this surface?

Duane Smith said, "The only books that separate underground water and surface water are our law books.” Now this surely rings a question in our minds, do we really care about the water that lies beneath the surface of this Earth as much as we care about the other water bodies?

We are definitely not unaware of the fact that the recent issue of climate change has resulted in delayed monsoons which has worsen the condition of under water crisis in our country. According to the reports of Niti Ayog in 2018, many major cities like, Delhi, Bengaluru and other will reach to zero underground water levels by 2020. And unfortunately, we can see this coming true.

There are many causes of underground water pollution like, hazardous waste disposal, transportation of petroleum products is done underground using pipelines and leakages from these sources lead to contamination of water. Agricultural chemicals such as pesticides remain in the ground for many years and when diluted with rain water, they seep deep into the underground water.

Even though the condition is not good but the ball is still in our court. Steps taken in right direction can help in solving this crisis. We have to value water as much as we value our land. We can conserve the underground water by keeping a few things in mind. Like, planting native crops in landscape as they do not require excess watering and are adapted to the climate. Reducing the use of chemicals and managing the waste. Also, we should fix the dripping water and use water wisely.

Like it’s said, small steps lead to big changes. We can work together to bring a better change in this environment.

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