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Averting the Crisis!
Utkarsh Kaushik
Barrister, University College London
(Published on: 26 April, 2020 @09 AM)
The Chinese expression for “crisis” is written with a combination of two symbols, first denoting “danger” and the second “opportunity”. We are facing an Environmental crisis; the humankind is in danger and the window of opportunity is closing rapidly.

India, not unlike the rest of the world is dealing with population growth and precipitous urbanisation. This, along with excessive mining, stubble burning, and deforestation has led to the formation of “Asian Brown Cloud”, a massive constellation of poisonous greenhouse gases over the Indian subcontinent that is observable from outer space. Water contamination and solid waste disposal issues have only added to the problem.
Most Indians are facing increased risks of respiratory diseases and lowered life expectancy. Metropolitan dwellers like myself have only faced the worst of it as Indian urban areas are consistently ranked as some of the most polluted regions in the world.

Governmental initiatives like ‘Swachh Bharat Abhiyan’ are a welcome step but what we need is a massive overhaul of our approach towards environmental issues, a collaborative effort is needed from the public and authorities alike. It is time to act like well-informed citizens than observe from the side-lines like well-amused audience to avert this crisis.

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