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Fatal Virus - A Boon or A curse
Er. Ekta Pahujani
Technical Lead at Infosys Ltd., Gurgaon
(Published on: 02 May, 2020 @06 PM)

Someone might have truly said - " Whatever happens, happens for good.

We all are well aware that our world, our human-dominated world is falling each day in line. The economy is falling, people are dying, people are depressed, poor are on road, rich have nothing to spend on.

But then in all this mess, I felt that it is just like when our system gets hang. What we do is RESTART. Maybe this is just a reboot and after this everything will be smooth and better than before.

I could easily say that this is a human-dominated planet but it doesn't mean that other things don't exist. The other living things like flora and fauna have similar rights on planet earth. The elements of life like air, water, land, they all have equal rights. Nature is the eldest daughter of mother Earth and that we humans cannot ever deny.

This pandemic may seem to be worst in human history but we need to hear to our eldest siblings. Nature is giving hints each day that it is just a reboot, Bear with me. So then we think but humans are dying sister nature. And so here comes the biggest Veda of  INDIAN history into picture i.e Mahabharat. To establish a new world, a better world, innocents sacrifice themselves. They are the warriors who have been chosen as front liners in this WAR.  They are sacrificing for us, We can at least keep our faith and hopes into them.

And so a day will come when our mother earth will win a war against this fatal virus, which itself would not know that it was a boon or curse for us as it depends on a thought of a human mind. We are the ones to decide it is boon or a curse. Think wisely.

Stay Safe.

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