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The workshop is aimed at focusing onthe environmental challenges in the present scenario particularly in Delhi NCR,and generally in entire nation. We intendto work to provide the inputs for making sustainable policies by our nationalagencies. School of Education, IP University and Earth Root Foundation have taken a joint initiative to discuss both thepolluting agents that need to be curbed down timely and be replacedwithagentsthatcanberecycledordecomposeinthenature.

Following two topics will be discussed in the workshop:

1. Air Pollution and Health

2. Solid Waste Management


Air pollution and Health

Degrading air quality needs addressal and identification of the sources. We must define possible sources that are causing and contributing bad air quality and related health issues. We require monitoring round the year to prepare reliable data charts which should then be utilized for solutions. Air pollution is the biggest menace particularly in winter season, covering and severely effecting all the major cities of the Indian subcontinent. People are facing issues that are even devastating for some, as many people die due to lung related and other similar diseases. Not only diseases, air pollution is also affecting our DNA and turning our friendly body cells into cancer.

Doctors from Hospitals are invited to address this importantissue. Dr. Arun Sharma, from UCMS, Universityof Delhi will be among the prominent speakers in the panel discussion.

Solid Waste management

Waste generation and its segregation is another major issue that needs to be addressed. We humans generate 100% of the waste present on the planet, which ‘has’ and ‘is’ causing threat to the other species that belong as much to the planet as we humans. The current situation is alarming and we barely have any time left to work. We must start protecting our only place of existence, as there would not be any replacement once it is gone. The Harms and hazards of waste is alarming and we need to curb our activities down. Be more aware of what kind of waste needs what kind of treatment before we knock it off our homes. Solid waste is the leading disaster and includes all the elements that can put havoc in our biosphere. All forms of waste need to be segregated and sent out to their respective recycling or destruction houses, such that we become waste neutral nation.

Based on the discussions and suggestions in the workshop, we would prepare a recommendation that may be submitted to the right platforms for execution so that polices can be made and appropriate measures can be taken. We solicit your cooperation and suggestions for the workshop on “Environmental challenges and Policy making”.

We expect, deputy commissioner and director Community services, North MCD, Ms. Ira Singhal to be one of the panelist.

Objectives of the Workshop

 This workshop is designedto facilitate the assignment and commitment of roles and responsibilities ofcontributing entities, including the possible launch of a demonstration phase.The meeting also will begin the process of looking critically at the proposedactions and recommendations. The meeting aims to -



No.of  participants = 300

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