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  To celebrate the 50th anniversary of Earth Day on April 22, Earth Root Foundation and Indraprastha Adhyayan Kendra jointly organizing a two week internship program (work from home) on Air Pollution starting from 22nd April – 3rd May 2020.  It is open to pre-college students age 17 and above, college undergraduates, professionals with specific expertise and groups.

The framework of the program is given below:

1. Introduction:  Composition of air, definition of air pollution, Magnitude of problem of air pollution globally and nationally

2. Ambient Air pollution: description of pollutants, detailed assessment of solid, liquid and gaseous air pollutants.

3.  Sources of air pollution in different settings, urban & rural, industrial & agricultural, residential & commercial

4.  Indoor air pollution in different scenario: residential (urban and rural), commercial and industrial.

5. Bioaerosols

6. Pollution metrics: units of measurement of pollutants, pollution standards (USEPA, European Union, WHO). Methods of developing standards

7. Pollutant measuring technologies and devices

8. Source apportionment and its significance

9. Exposure assessment: methods and techniques

10. Health effects of air pollution

11. Economic impact of air pollution

12. Air pollution and climate change

13. Energy sources and air pollution: role of coal based power plants and cost of replacement with renewable energy sources (the tradeoff)

14. Stakeholders of air pollution: their opportunities, challenges and responsibilities

15. Exercises on air pollution assessment, developing standards and guidelines

16. Mitigation measures: short term, long term measures, policy, advocacy and stakeholder engagement

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